Jeane Myers



Alchemy is a good way to describe my process. I have always believed that the painting is
waiting for me just under the surface, and that my job is to find it. It's like an archaeoIogical
excavation. I prepare the surface with gorgeous oil paint, and mediums. Then I start to dig for
the painting. The alchemy process begins. As I begin to scrape back the materials I have applied
to the surface, they blend, mix, and change. It takes layers of adding and subtracting to uncover
the painting. The journey is never the same.

I am a self taught artist. I have painted for over 20 years and like many artists my work
is a personal journey. The work is my voice in the world. It can be different on any
given day, thus my paintings become visual diaries created day by day and layer by
layer. When the painting no longer speaks to me, it is time to put it down and start on a
new surface. There is no time limit on when a painting is finished. It can happen
quickly or take days, months or years.

I live and work in a small Victorian town located on the Puget Sound in the state of
Washington. My work is heavily influenced by my natural environment.