Hyunmee Lee


Hyunmlee Lee desired a shift in her life and recently moved to a new setting. In this innovation she wants to release boundaries and explore or transform her work to be free. For the past decade she lived in a remote and quiet studio. In 2018 she started a new series “Epochal Dimensions” this shift in her work and living began by examining and searching a new approach to composition, colors and self awakening




Hyunmee Lee was born in Seoul, Korea, where she grew up practicing Western Modern art and gained experience in Eastern painting and calligraphy. Her art practice crosses three continents over two decades.

Master of Arts in Visual Arts (MFA), the University of Sydney, Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts (MA), the University of Sydney, Sydney

Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, Hongik University, Seoul

1985. Lee graduated Hong-Ik University majoring in painting. At the end of that year, she moved to Australia. She stayed there for six years and achieved two post graduate degrees.

1989. She exhibited in her first commercial gallery, Bonython-Meodemore Gallery, Sydney. At the same time, her work was exposed through a contemporary art book (Art Four).

1991. Hyunmee Lee earned a Master of Arts in Visual Arts (MFA) at the Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney and returned to Korea. She lived in Korea for seven years. There she taught in Hong-Ik University as a lecturer and exhibited in solo shows in major art galleries and art fairs in Seoul.

1997. Lee came to Utah, U.S.A. where she continuously taught in universities and built up her art career.

2001. She became a faculty member of Utah Valley University.

2002. Lee had her first solo show in America, called Mountain Armatures, at the Woodbury Art Museum in Orem, Utah.

2006. She showed her large scale work in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in SLC Utah. Titled “Intimacy Without Restraint”.

2009. After achieving tenure 2008, she retired from teaching and fully concentrated on her art.

2012. Lee travels extensively through Asia to India, Thailand, and Korea to gather inspiration. Afterwards, she published book “Native Mumbling” printed in Misulsege, Korea.

2015. Lee receives the Fellowship for Visual Arts Excellence from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. Her experimental work in ceramics was shown to the public for the first time.


2018  Epochal Dimension, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe 

2017 Intonation of Oneness, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe 

2016  Monochromatic Explorations, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe

2016 Abstract Alchemy II, Weber Public Libraries, Roy

2015 Markedly Minimal, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City

2015 Abstract Alchemy, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York City

2014 Still Winds, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe

2013 Beautiful Disaster, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe 

2012 Silent Gesture, Tinney Contemporary, Nashville

2011 Native Mumbling: Sori Sori, Julie Nester Gallery, Park City

2011 Native Mumbling: da da ga ga, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe

2011 Native Mumbling: Ma Ba Sa, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York City 

2010 Native Mumbling: Ga Na Da Ra, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City

2009 Inland Crossing, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe

2009 Dimensional Poetics, Julie Nester Gallery, Park City

2008 Meditative Gesture, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta

2008 Contact-Sensation: The Harmony of Opposites, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe 

2008 Touch: Meditation Joins Gesture, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City

2007 Foreordained Gesture, Nüart Gallery, Santa Fe

2006 Intimacy without Restraint, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City

2006 Outside Sight, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City 

2005  When Gesture Finds Its Power, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Logan

2002 Mountain Armatures, Woodbury Gallery, Orem

2001 Utah Arts Festival, Salt Lake City, 2001

1997 Seeing Through the Self, Moin Gallery, Seoul

1997 Seoul Art Fair by Moin Gallery, Seoul Arts Centers, Seoul

1996 Seoul Art Fair by Moin Gallery, Seoul Arts Centers, Seoul

1995 Unconsciousness & Gesture, Gallery Ihn, Seoul

1993 Objecthood-Intrinsic Space, Gallery Kangnam, Seoul

1992 The Spontaneity of Space Through the Silence, Gallery Icon, Seoul

1991  A Formative Art World of the Space-Phase, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

1991 The Dissolution of the Self, Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney

1990 First Face, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney


2015 Church vs State: Contemporary Collection Praxis, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Street Gallery,  Salt Lake City

2015 Winter group Show 2015:  Art Basel Showcase, Etra Find Art, Miami

2014 Less, Trudy Labell Fine Art, Naples

2013 The Big Show, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City

2011    Undertone, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York City 

2011  Art Hamptons by Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, Sayre Park, Bridgehamton

2010 10th Annual Red Show, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York City 

2010 Not Just Another Pretty Face, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City 

2010 AAF NYC by Julie Nester Gallery, New York City

2010 San Francisco Fine Art Fair by Julie Nester Gallery, New York City 

2009 Not Just Another Pretty Face, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City

2009  Of Silence and Shadow: Two Views, Pleasant Valley Library, Ogden (Two-person)

2008 Genesis, Sego Art Center, Provo 

2007 Love, Loss, and Lodging, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta

2007 AAF NYC by Julie Nester Gallery, New York City

2005  90 Days of Improvisation, Allene Lapides Gallery, Santa Fe (Two-person)

2004  Making Earth & Portraits, Losee Center Library Art Gallery, Orem (Two-person)

2002 East & West, Losee Center Library Art Gallery, UVSC, Orem (Two-person)

1999 Art Discourse, Utah Pride Center, Salt Lake City

1996 MANIF Seoul ’96-Flowers Younger!, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

1996 New Genius of Fine Arts, Sun-Kok Art Museum, Seoul

1996 ’96 The Korean Young Artist, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul

1995 New Aspect Exhibition, Kong Pyong Art Centers, Seoul

1994 Asian Modern Art Exhibition, Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

1994 New Prospect 1994, The Moran Open Art Museum, Namyangju City

1991 The 10th Korea Grand Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art, Kwachon

1990 Discovered, Bonython-Meodemore Gallery, Adelide

1989 Six Women Artists, Bonython-Meodemore Gallery, Sydney

1989 Inaugural Exhibition, Bonython-Meodemore Gallery, Sydney