Meighan Morrison - Artists - Pryor Fine Art

Meighan Morrison was born in Chicago in 1966 and studied fine art at Boston University before transferring to Parsons School of Design in NYC, now The New School. She currently lives and maintains a studio in Bridgeport, CT.

She has spent the last decade devolving from representational art to minimal abstraction.

Morrison works on the floor (which adds a physicality to her process) on oversized rolls of linen or paper. While dominant forms and basic composition are often pre-determined she is relaxed with the brush, inviting the accident and instinctually rerouting course to accommodate it.

Her interest in opposites, how they meet and determine each other - black/white, rough/smooth, pain/joy - is a constant in her work. Shapes and colors continue to distill.

The large scale of Morrison’s stretched paintings amplify the relief found in simplification. The basic nature of her materials and her limited palette speak to the essential.

Sometimes she paints as a temporary panacea for the exponential convolution that is our modern lives. Sometimes she paints as a personal rebellion against it. On a good day she manages to do both.

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