Linda Brazeau holds a MSW and has worked in the field of Long Term Care for over 20 years.

Linda is a self-described “late bloomer,” discovering the joy of photography 15 years ago and later the process of encaustic.
She describes her photographic experience as a communion with nature, which is both exhilarating and meditative.

Capturing moments that pique her attention, she believes, is the “sacred art of photography.” Her process continues in the digital darkroom, where she creates a synthesis of present and past images to incorporate the feeling sense of the moment.
She describes the encaustic process itself as a meditative journey. As the wax is first melted to a liquid, allowed to solidify, then turned to liquid again through fusing, it lends itself to the organic process of transformation, wherein she is only the facilitator and witness to the emerging depth and luminosity of this beautiful medium. Linda feels that the marriage of the two is a perfect match. And as in life, the possibilities are endless!

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