Julie Schumer was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She began
painting at age 5 and continued through high school.  She was an abstract
expressionist early on, being chastised by her elementary school teachers for her
drippy non-realist work.  In college her practical nature asserted itself and she
became a lawyer instead of an artist.  For many years she had her own practice as
an appellate lawyer specializing in criminal appeals.  
          In 2000, she reconnected with an old friend, artist James Koskinas.  He
sensed her long suppressed desire to create art and enouraged her return to her
painting practice. She hasn’t stopped painting since.  In 2002, the pair relocated to
Santa Fe, New Mexico where they paint side by side companionably in their
studio, a modern day Pollack and Krasner.    
            Schumer is self-taught.  Her work has been exhibited across the United
States and in Europe and is in many private collections. She has participated in
several museum shows and recently completed a large commission piece for the
Tucson airport.

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