Public Installations  

Paintings by Pryor Fine Art artists may be found around town. A few public installations include:

Restaurant Grace 17:20
Restaurant owner Barbara DiJame houses an impressive collection of art work in her fine restaurant, Grace 17:20, located at the Forum in Norcross. The collection is rather eclectic consisting of traditional genre scenes by Kim English, all the way to figurative children by Susie Pryor. Other Pryor Fine Art artists represented include Kenson , Karen Offutt, Kim English, Jen Bradley and Cynthia Packard.


Northside Hospital
In the Women’s Center’s main reception hall it is possible to see five beautiful, large-scale paintings by local artist Kenson. The paintings’ cool colors and softly abstracted figures create a calming atmosphere and a pleasing visual within the bustling hospital.





Bob Steele Salon
Located in Post Riverside in the Vinings Area, the upscale Bob Steele Salon currently houses a large collection of art from Pryor Fine Art. Vibrant paintings by artists Peter Burega, Charlotte Foust, Brigitte McReynolds, Jen Bradley and Laura Schiff Bean reflect the savvy atmosphere of the salon.


Arista Spa
Unique among Atlanta Spas is Arista, an upscale, luxury medical and fitness spa located within The Astoria at The Aramore in Buckhead. The beautiful spa just opened in the Spring of 2009 and houses work by artists Peter Burega, Ira Barkoff, and Kenson.






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