The List Wall Project

How often does the public get to participate in art? The List Wall is a traveling installation of a community’s goal lists, life lists and to-do lists. Originating in Kansas City and mediated by artist Lisa Lala, the public is invited to mail in (or install in person) a list of goals or things to do. The wall is a celebration of “the list”.

Individuals are invited to submit their lists to be tacked on a large wall of hundreds and perhaps thousands of lists. By writing lists we are one step closer to our goals and dreams. The LIST WALL reflects what individuals are searching for, but also reflects our community as a whole.

The LIST WALL is mediated by artist Lisa Lala. Known for her Birds on a Wire paintings about communities, her recent work explores Lists. "The path of lists is often obvious, but other times complex beyond tracing. If you keep putting it out there, and it works out in ways you never considered— is it luck? divine? destiny? —Perhaps it is simply the act of deciding what you want and pursuing it, or seeing it when it falls in your lap. Regardless, the fact remains: if you really want it, write it down."

The List Wall was met with an overwhelming response at its original location, Blue Gallery in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District. Hundreds of lists were sent in anonymously from individuals and groups. Lists came in from all walks of life: business owners and employees, news reporters and government officials, students and scientists. Statistics repeatedly show that by just writing something down we are more likely to accomplish it. So what do people want to do? Everything from “pay off parking tickets” to “start a family charitable foundation”. From “stop biting my nails” to “live in the inner city”. From “download better music” to “die on my own terms”.

As the List Wall moves from city to city, each new venue has the opportunity to add its own lists by tacking them to the wall. Growing like a snowball, it will link community to community. What do we have in common? How are we different?

As it travels through place, it also travels through time (each list is stamped with a code for location and date). What do people want in 2010? What do people want in 2013?
Encouraging us to commit to our aspirations by writing them down, the List Wall is a monument to our country’s “can do” spirit.

The List Wall Project will be coming to Bennett Street Gallery in Atlanta, Ga. on Friday, June 25, 2010.

Lists should be:
-A list of goals: things you want, or things you want to do
-Handwritten (typed or emailed also accepted)
- 8 1/2" x 11" paper or smaller
- Paper may be colored, plain, ruled or monogrammed
- Artist reserves right to not post lists deemed inappropriate

List Submission
You may send your anonymous list to the location PRIOR or DURING the show:

The List Wall Project/ ATLANTA
c/o Bennett Street Gallery
22-F Bennett Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Bennett Street Gallery will also have a submission box located in the gallery. See address above.

Quotes about the List Wall:

"What is on your list? The List Wall is on mine." - Tom Ryan, KC Star Midwest Voices 02/05/10

"Sure to be a crowd favorite" - Robert J. Bingaman, KC Freepress 02/04/10

"One of Kansas Cities most celebrated artists" - KC Magazine 02/10

"bold, thought provoking... and invited the rest of us to join her on the journey from "I want to.." to "I did it." - Steve Brisendine, Review Magazine, 02/05/10







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