PFA: Tell us about your background. Where did you grow up? Your family?grew up outside of Macon Ga…with Moma Papa one sister,lots of pets, friends and cousins.

PFA: How would you say our background influenced your career? And at what age did you become curious about art?….6 or 7 I can remember having glue and paper, beads drawing with water on the trampoline…making pinestraw forts,collecting rocks in the little creek,changing the layout of my hotwheel collection….getting in trouble for drawing on my white jeans with pens…watchingg my grandmother paint porcelain and making peach ice cream with grandparents after climbing the trees and handing them down….trips to the beach and to a little place in the country where we camped and made my Papa built a lake….

PFA: What inspires you, and how do you stay inspired? How has this shaped your artistic philosophy? Most everything inspires me…it is sometimes a part of my thoughts and heart that i would like to slow down or sometimes turn off…yet it is and i believe always has been a part of me….this insatiable curiosity….As life continues to happen my inspiration has changed..during painful times art is my refuge and sometimes i think i am more creative, yet a beautiful hike in the woods offers much ….An artist friend in the mountains and I will go for a walk and become fascinated with the bark on the trees, patterns and colors of moss on the rocks,woodpecker carvings getting lost in that environment is a favorite! People and I artists I am surrounded by often comment on the uninhibited manner in which I paint…that I am walking around the garden and come back and forth to the paint…the experience adds to the story I am recording with each painting…. PFA: What artist(s) has (have) had the biggest influence on your work? Jean Michael Basquiat…Walter Anderson…poetry of many, Robert Henri,Matisse…Joan Mitchell…Lee Krasner... PFA: What is your artistic philosophy? well….on a continuous effort to organize my time in a scheduled fashion….I have a difficult time with routine and I feel it would be beneficial, but when I am inspired I can't help but stay with the paintings and work for hours and hours….

PFA: What do you need around you while you are working in the studio? home, children coming and going,birds at the feeder outside my window, collections of branches and flowers from the woods or the store, music from classic to the rolling stones…and paints….on a pallette or squeezed right on the canvas,baby wipes and solvent.

PFA: What do you most enjoy doing while you are not painting?hiking,biking, traveling,visiting friends,cooking, gardening…getting in the water…and reading
PFA: What is your favorite traveling experience? difficult one….love New York City with the excitement,opportunities and pace of that city life… and traveling by train in Europe…..

PFA: If you weren't an artist, what would you be? I can't imagine?

Painting takes me “out of my mind”, where events no longer create my reality, awareness is the creator. My actual truth surfaces through imagination, surprises, and vulnerable exploration. Calculated analysis of events has no place here. I love this place….
I am driven to embrace change as the flow of my creativity. Feelings are ever changing, and it is my desire to create and share a space where you, the viewer, can get lost and allow your imagination to create your reality. My paintings connect what is recognizable not by the name or identity of it’s subject matter, instead by the emotions and familiar relationships felt in their stories.
Painting is a need I love.


1983-present Paints and studies with Atlanta artist Sandi Crow, Joan Tysinger, Kathy Anglin, Joe Perrin, and Thomasin Bradford, as self-employed artist.
1992 Studied under New York Artist Daniel Green in France.
1984-1985 Georgia Institute of Technology, Masters of Architecture Program.
1982 BBA University of Georgia
1981 Studied art and art history at University of Innsbrook Austria


2008 Approaching the Magic Hour, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2007 Sanctuary, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2006 Rituals, Bennett St Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2005 Sweet Side, Bennett St Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2005 Under the Influence, The Garage Projects, Atlanta, GA
2003 Global Soup, Nashville, TN
2003 Perceived Truths, Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO
2002 Solo Exhibition, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2002 Lost and Found, St. Simons Island, GA
2001 Recent Work, Food - The Art Gallery, Asheville, NC
2000 New Work, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1998 The Zodiac Restaurant, Neiman-Marcus, Atlanta, GA
1997 Recent Paintings, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1995 In the Mind of a Child, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA


2007 Female Colorists, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2003 Artists to Watch, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2003 Visions, Quinlan Arts Center, Gainesville, GA
2003 Three Women with Figures, The Upstairs Gallery, Tryon, NC
2002 Red Wolf Gallery, Brevard, NC
2000 Local Artist, Red Wolf Gallery, Brevard, NC
1999 Man, Earth and Sky, Quinlan Arts Center, Gainesville, GA
1999 Group Show, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1998 Gilded Lilies, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1998 Quinlan Arts Group Show, Gainesville, GA
1998 Black and White Soho Myriad, Atlanta, GA
1998 Celebrate the Arts, Sibley Center, Callaway, GA
1997, 1996 Spotlight on Georgia Artists, Atlanta, GA
1996 Trees, Quinlan Arts Center, Gainesville, GA
1996-1995 Hail Helanthus, Group Show, Columbus, GA


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Georgia Shakespeare Company, Atlanta, GA
Northside Hospital Women’s Center, Atlanta, GA
Nashville Titans Manager,Nashville,TN
Ritz Carlton, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Savannah Westin Hotel, Savannah, GA
Marriott Hotels, Tampa, Orlando and Atlanta
Harben and Hartley Law Firm, Atlanta, GA
Web USA, Atlanta, GA
Crown Plaza Hotel, New York City
Philadelphia Crown Plaza Hotel
Warner, Mayoue and Baites Law, Atlanta, GA
SE Alabama’s Women’s Center
Parrish Medical Center, Orlando, FL
Arthur Blank Foundation, Atlanta, GA
Spanx, Inc. Atlanta, GA